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The Infinity Difference

Integrity | Excellence | Sincere & Genuine Customer Relations | Honesty

            Infinity Investigations & Protective Services, started in 2005 due to a desperate need for an investigation and security firm that walked in integrity and excellence while providing unparalleled customer service. Owners Bill Willson & Ryan Byrd, bringing their lengthy and distinguished resumes, decided to address that need by starting Infinity. Ryan Byrd, a former police officer, investigator, and United States Marine, coupled with Bill Willson, a former police officer and investigator as well as a former professional fighter made the perfect pair to start such a venture.
In 2011, Infinity brought on Weston Horn as the Vice President to help shape the company as it was rapidly expanding. Weston, a Congressional Award recipient, with his diverse  background quickly identified with Infinity's core values that focused on integrity. He took a focus on connecting with Infinity's clients and strengthening our relationship-based business model.
Now for well over a decade Infinity has been continuing to earn the reputation that Ryan, Bill & Weston take so much pride in.  A reputation for a firm that genuinely cares about our clients and their well being. A reputation for a firm that will be there in a moments notice. A reputation for hard work, loyalty and empathy to ensure the success of our customers. We started this company because we care.
Infinity's reputation for ethical, customer service-centered employees, who are trained to be professional, articulate, and prepared has led to our security client base expanding from apartments and condominiums to call centers, multi-million dollar housing additions, warehouses, government regulated facilities, high rises,  and even several major motion pictures and television shows. 
We believe the proof is in the relationship, so call or email us today for us to come and meet with you in person. 
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